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We are currently the third most influential and the fastest-growing Bali Travel Reference for the local Indonesian audience.

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We dominate top places for a few high traffic search keyword such as “cafe di bali“, “sunset di bali“, “dessert terbaik di bali“, “penginapan unik di bali” and many more!


Our content rank first over 34.2 million other contents on, giving us high exposure from SEO perspective.

3. Trusted Recommendations

Our contents are results in high engagement and drive traffic to our clients website (valuable SEO link building). A few of our clients experience traffic increments on their website.


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We have built a great community around traveller planning a holiday to Bali. Our social media platform (both Instagram and Facebook) continuously achieve impressively high engagement rate!


On average, our instagram posts will receive approximately 1,700 – 3,000+ likes and 20+ comments where followers tag their friends to arrange to visit the mentioned properties.


On Facebook we constantly achieve extremely high reach and engagement which continue to grow. On the last week of July 2015, we managed to receive 166,741 post reach and 17,794 post engagement.

Liburan Bali Can Help?

Online Digital Marketing has grow exponentially in the last few years and unlike the one way communication of the offline marketing, the online marketing provide an interactive two-way conversation with your customers.

For these reasons alone, we can not stress enough, how crucial it is for your business to develop a presence in the new digital platforms. Do not worry, we are here to help!

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