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Let me guess, you are considering to spend quiet time on the beach but you don’t feel like going to Kuta or Seminyak beach as they are too bustling nowadays.

So where should you go instead?

Here’s my advice, go to Nusa Penida and visit one of its hidden gem beach, the Atuh Beach.

Atuh Beach is unique compared to most beaches in Bali. It’s flanked by two spectacular tall cliffs: Labuan Ampuak on the right and Tanjung Juntil on the left. The view from these cliffs is amazing, with crystal blue water, crashing waves, tall rocks, and white sand below your feet.

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida
Photo credit: Top: Pande Heryana (Instagram @pandeheryana); Left: Marshall Gobel (Instagram: mg.videography); Right: Chris Hay (Instagram @irishxplorer)

Here’s the catch

To access the beach, you will need to hike down steep and long staircases. It’s physically tiring, especially climbing back up. But once you step on the white sand beach at the bottom of the staircase, you will be rewarded with the most gorgeous view of the Ocean with turtle like cliff island protruding out of the water.

Best of all, there is rarely anyone at the beach, so you can have it all for yourself!

Alright, so now you have the beach all to yourself, what can you do at Atuh Beach you say?

Things to do on Atuh Beach:

1 Enjoy Fresh Coconuts or Coffee at Warungs

You probably thirsty from the hike down. No worries.. There are a few local warungs (simple food stalls) on the beach.

A must try is the fresh coconuts (of course). But you could also order tea, coffee and even nasi goreng (fried rice) for cheap $2!

Nothing beat the taste of a plate of fried rice after a long hike down and the awesome view and sound of the Ocean.

Fresh Coconut at Atuh Beach
Photo credit: @mirifnky (Instagram)

2 Sunbath and Relax

Once you settled on the beach, you could rent one of the sunbed: chill all-day and enjoy the sun.Might as well bring the book your favourite book along.

3 Cliff Jump (Not Recommended)

Full disclosure, I have never try cliff jumping from the turtle-like rocks and I strongly discourage you to do it.But the daredevil Jackson Groove did it before and it’s definitely an unforgettable experience, isn’t it?
Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida: Atuh Beach
Photo credit: Jackson Groove (

4 Snap Beautiful Sunrise Photography

If you are a photographer (or enthusiast) then you will love to come down before dawn to catch the sunrise at Atuh Beach.

It’s one of the most pretty scenery in Nusa Penida, especially how the reflection of the sun painted on the waters.

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida Morning Photo
Photo credit: @z_lust (Instagram)

More Things to do on Atuh Cliff:

5 Enjoy the view from above

The view from above the cliff is spectacular and should not be missed. Spend some time to just sit and absorb all the view. It’s one of those memorable moments you don’t want to miss.

Note: Bring a drone and you can get this sick shot!

Atuh Beach Nusa Penida Drone Perspective Shot
Photo credit: Tim Kaden (Instagram @tim_kadinsky)

6 Visit Raja Lima and the Treehouse at Molenteng

While you are at Atuh Beach, might as well pay Raja Lima (Thousand Island Viewpoint) and Treehouse at Molenteng a visit. It’s not too far, less than 1 kilometer from Atuh Beach.

Treehouse at Molenteng is another iconic spot in Nusa Penida that has become instafamous for taking sunrise photo such as this one:

Best Places to Visit in Nusa Penida: Tree House at Molenteng
Photo credit: Piyatat (@bankpyt)

How to Get to Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is located in the eastern part of Nusa Penida. Google Maps, and many traveling articles may say that you need to drive for 1 hour to reach the beach (from Toyapakeh Harbour).

But here’s the truth, the actual trip will be about 2 hours instead due to the bad condition of the road that are populated with potholes.

If you are interested you could also check out LiburanBali’s trip to Nusa Penida.

Once you arrive near the area to Atuh Beach, the road will branch out (both lead to Atuh Beach).

But, I do recommend you to take the left road which end up at the easier access entry to Atuh Beach.

It’s get better, the road are smoother and there is no parking fee at the left entry to Atuh Beach. Oh, and you will get a magnificent view down to the arch as well.

On the other hand, you will need to pay a small sum of IDR 10,000 for parking fee and there is no view at all.

It’s no brainer, you should take the left road. Just follow this Google Map to reach at the Left Entry:

Tips to Know Before Visiting Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach is quite remote and has limited public facilities, but don’t worry, here are several tips to make your trip more comfortable:

Atuh Beach is quite remote and has limited public facilities, but don’t worry, here are several tips to make your trip more comfortable:

1 Rise and Reach Early

Atuh Beach is facing to the east, which is an ideal place to see the sunrise.

Since the road can be rough, make sure to depart early from your hotel. Start your trip two or three hours before dawn, so you won’t miss the sunrise.

2 Wear Proper Shoes

Rough terrains in Atuh Beach are no place for high heels, simple sandals, or slippery fancy shoes.

Wear walking shoes with good sole grips. The last thing you want is slipping while climbing the stairs.

3 Be Prepared with Offline Apps

If you depend on apps for maps and entertainment (music & video) then download the offline versions before you depart for Nusa Penida.

Internet connections are almost non-existence in Nusa Penida, especially in the remote beaches.

4 Bring Adequate Supplies

Remember, this beach is still quiet and pristine, so the facilities are limited. You may buy cheap food and drink or use a public toilet. However, make sure to bring your towel, change clothes, and additional water or snack if necessary.

5 Bring Enough Cash

Make sure you bring enough cash in Rupiah. There are not many ATMs available in Nusa Penida, particularly near Atuh Beach.

So if you want to ‘survive’, you should have enough cash to pay for foods, entrance fees, public toilets, and other services.

6 Go with a Tour Agency

Renting travel service is your best option to explore Nusa Penida. People with a more adventurous soul may choose to rent motorcycles (which are abundant).

However, since the access are rough, your best bet is renting Nusa Penida trip service. You will have a more comfortable trip to Atuh Beach and Nusa Penida in general.

In a Nutshell

Atuh Beach is you best bet if you are looking to wind down at secluded beach with jaw dropping sunrise moment. What do you say? Are you ready to visit Atuh Beach?

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Atuh Beach should be on your Must Go List in Nusa Penida. The place is such a paradise and definitely worth a visit!

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