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Best Day Clubs & Beach Clubs in Bali

Last Updated: 22 December 2022

by: Amina Poole

Inarguably one of the most beautiful places, Bali has an assortment of beaches. And the beach clubs are no less vibrant and diverse. It has everything from the traditional, bohemian to the Mediterranean aesthetic and ambiance. Offering some of the most spectacular views of the sunsets, Bali is a must destination for an avid traveler or those looking for a romantic escape.

From the futuristic pools to the cocktails as myriad as the imagination can conjure up, today we run down the list of the crème de la crème of the beach clubs in Bali.

LiburanBali Top 5 Beach Club in Bali


Tropical Temptation Beach Club

TT Beach Club at Melasti Beach Bali

This new beach club is one of the hippest places in Bali at the moment.

The Tropical Temptation Beach Club is situated in Melasti Beach, with a gorgeous view of the ocean and a magnificent white limestone hill in the background.

With an infinity pool jacuzzi, an incredible beachfront restaurant and a bar that serves up some of the most inventive cocktails, this is the place to be seen and have fun while watching the sunset.

TT Beach Club Bali

What I love so much about Tropical Temptation Beach Club is its unique bamboo architecture and design. The whole place has a very natural and organic feel to it, which is in stark contrast to the more modern beach clubs in Bali.

Whether you come in big groups or as a couple, Tropical Temptation Beach Club is the perfect place to spend a day (or two!) relaxing by the pool, sipping on cocktails and indulging in some amazing food. You can even book their VIP Cabana or VVIP Paladium (which can accommodate up to 15 people) for a truly luxurious experience.


La Brisa Bali

Awarded as one of the Best Beach Club in the World by Conde Nast Traveller, The La Brisa Bali beach club is located on one of the most popular beaches, Echo Beach. It is a unique place in that it is built with reclaimed materials from fisherman boats. It has a traditional and laid back vibe to it. 

The place is hand decorated with seashells, sand, fishing rods, hand-woven furniture, and antique buoys. It does not get any more authentic and Balinese than La Brisa. It is a perfect place for relaxation among the best traditional hospitality.

Best Beach Club in Bali: La Brisa Canggu
Photo credit: IG @febryardiansyah93
Best Beach Club in Bali: La Brisa Canggu
Photo credit: IG @life.of.gypsy

But here, the cocktails served are among the best and the fanciest. It has a complete menu dedicated to seafood enthusiasts. The fish is freshly caught by the local fisherman and delivered daily. Other ingredients are primarily sourced in the island, so the food is nothing short of fresh and outstanding. 


Now known as Savaya Bali, it was previously known as OMNIA Bali. This Day Club is one of the best and the highest in Uluwatu

Located on the cliffs of limestone, the panoramic view of the ocean is unparalleled. The silver tower called the Cube is the masterpiece of Savaya Bali as it lights up after dark. Watching the sunset or sipping outlandish cocktails, it is the ultimate destination for luxury and decadence.

The infinity pools, the private pools as well as VIP Cabanas are coveted features of this club.

OMNIA Bali: Best Beach Club in Bali (Uluwatu)
Photo credit: @ourtasteforlife
Celebrating Birthday at OMNIA Bali: Best Beach Club in Bali (Uluwatu)
Photo credit: IG @jadekevinfoster

A stream of renowned DJs such as Nghtmre and Pete Tong perform here. The music literally never stops in this dayclub. Apart from it, the number of special events hosted here is never short of commencing.

An award-winning Japanese restaurant, Sake no Hana, serves all the delicacies under the sun. Head chef Hideki Hiwatashi puts out new dishes renowned for their fresh ingredients.

Expert Tips: Savaya dayclub is also available for private events through reservations. On your Birthday, you can request the hosts to hold boards with your names on it!

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Best Beach Club in Bali: Oneeighty at The Edge Bali
Photo credit: IG @gloriabombarda

Oneeighty at The Edge sits 530 ft above the Indian Ocean. It has one of the most stunning infinity sky pool, as it extends six meters over the cliff of the Edge. It has a glass bottom and is not for the faint of heart. It offers a 180-degree view of the crashing waves.

The Sky Lounge is another excellent place that overlooks the ocean and is a great place to relax with friends and family. It has VIP lounging benefits as well as general admission.

Oneeighty at The Edge - Infinity Pool with Ocean View
Photo credit: IG @ksyusha_lussberg
Oneeighty at The Edge - Infinity Pool with Ocean View
Photo credit: IG @caleste_lights

Aside from the impressive views, it has a menu that serves all types of food throughout the day. The Seas restaurant serves South East Asian banquet.

The nighttime witnesses the Oneeighty transform into a magical place. There is music to chill and dance to, and fire pits to warm and relax.


Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar

Wanna Jungle is the most recent addition to The Kayon Jungle Resort located in the midst of lush jungles. The star of this club is the three-level infinity pool. Guests can sip their cocktail of choice while taking in the breathing views of the Ubud tropical valley.

The bar and the restaurant overlook the Oos river valley. It sits on the edge of the valley offering fantastic views. These facilities can also be accessed by guests and visitors who are not in-house guests.

Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar in Ubud: Three Layer Pool
Photo credit: IG @terplanet
Beach Club di Bali: Wanna Jungle Pool & Bar in Ubud
Photo credit: IG @adisumerta

This place is primarily a romantic and relaxing getaway for couples and honeymooners. Therefore, the entry is barred for children below the age of fifteen.

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Best Beach Club in Seminyak


Mano Beach House

Situated at Petitenget Beach in Seminyak, Mano Beach House has a rustic and tribal design. It has undergone renovations very recently, and it is a great place to watch stunning views of the sunsets.

The menu is one of the best features of this beach house. The ingredients are sourced locally. Chef Agung Arnawa, along with his team, serve all types of international cuisines as well as traditional food.

Mano Beach House: Comfortable Poolside
Photo credit: IG @enyablanco
Mano Beach House: Seating to watch the Sunset in Seminyak
Photo credit: IG @keiramary_

There are a never-ending number of functions such as acoustic performances, sunset anthems with popular local and international DJs. The beach house is open for private events such as weddings, birthdays as well as anniversary parties.


Potato Head Beach Club Bali

The Potato Head Beach Club is among the most visited by visitors all across the world. It is home to the biggest and most happening live shows in all of Seminyak. It is the ultimate destination for having a blast.

It is also one of the best locations to view the sunsets with a loved one. The infinity pool, as well as the lawn, overlooks the ocean offering stunning views. The club has four bars and four restaurants to cater to the guests’ palates.

Beach Club di Bali: Potato Head Bali
Photo credit: IG @jennyawu
Beach Club di Bali: Potato Head Bali (Facade)
Photo credit: IG @xiaolingchan

It is not uncommon to witness the most prominent international DJs and artists playing at this club. A frequent gathering of musicians also takes place here. There is no limit to art exhibitions and dance parties.

One of the iconic features of this club is the open-air amphitheater which features antique shutters that were salvaged from all across the country.



SugarSand is the perfect club environment, whether in terms of music, food, drinks, or views. Strategically located on the beachfront of Seminyak, it has a seamless blend of traditional with the modern.

It has wide open views of the ocean and is decked with a beach bar as well as a restaurant. A seaside terrace is an ideal place to drink cocktails and eat Japanese inspired cuisine. Night time is the right opportunity to hang out at the rooftop lounge for open-air festivities.

Beach Club in Seminyak: SugarSand
Photo credit: IG @wacamera
Beach Club in Seminyak: SugarSand (Interior)
Photo credit: IG @priscillalays

This colorful relaxed club witnesses multiple events which bring more fun and celebration. Guests can also host private corporate dinners, intimate parties as well as sunset sessions.


Ku De Ta

Photo credit: IG @kaisei_oshima

Ku De Ta Beach Club is truly the godfather of the beach club trend in Bali. It has lived up to its reputation with its excellent service and tasteful aesthetics.

Their restaurant, as well as the bar, is quite famed for its authentic cocktails and cuisine. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients form the heart of their dishes. And there is everything from fine-dining to a la carte dishes. The food is simple, fresh, and delicious. The highlight of the club is the Mejakawi which offers informal fine-dining prepared in an open kitchen.

Sunset at Ku De Ta Seminyak Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @putureza

Music is a significant part of this club, and they host a number of events as well as sunset sessions. A host of international artists are hosted at these events. Another great event is the Sunday Family Day, where kids are treated to a number of fun activities along with brunch.


Cocoon Beach Club

Beach Club in Double Six Seminyak: Cocoon
Photo credit: Cocoon Beach Club

The trendy Cocoon Beach Club is located on the Blue Ocean Boulevard of Seminyak beach. It has a wide open design which seamlessly connects the pool and garden areas.

The center of attention at this club is most definitely the outstanding infinity pool. Guests are treated to decadent spa treatments for the ultimate relaxation. A resident DJ plays the tunes to soothe the atmosphere or turn it into a dancing party.

Photo credit: Cocoon Beach Club

The overall ambiance is relaxed with a touch of Mediterranean charm. It boasts two restaurant levels out of which one is air-conditioned. It is available for corporate as well as private events as weddings venue. The club has a team ready to assist the event with the foood and beverages.

Best Beach Club in Canggu


Finns Beach Club

The Finns Beach Club is among the best in the world. It is also has a fantastic view of the sunsets. It has nine bars (yes nine!) and two restaurants, as well as a sushi bar.

There is live music from female vocalists and DJs. Guests are treated surfing at the famous Berawa Break and stunning sunsets. The infinity pool at the VIP oceanfront is also an attraction. The party beds in this club are put directly inside the lagoon pool.

Iconic Bamboo Structure at Finns Beach Club Berawa Canggu
Photo credit: IG @heidiandjorn
Beach Club in Canggu Berawa: Finns Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @michaelmcgraww

Every guest can have unparalleled experience under the bamboo structure. There are enough entertainment, events, and private functions, which makes this club even more happening.


The Lawn

One of Canggu’s most exquisite beach clubs, the Lawn is spacious and opens right onto the beach. The beach lounge is ideal for relaxing, eating, and drinking or dancing while having a jolly good time.

Fresh ingredients constitute the core of the dishes where guests can have intimate dinners. The food served is both international as well as local delicacies. Their famous cocktails are prepared with arak infusions indigenous to Bali as well as with organic syrups.

Beach Club in Canggu: The Lawn during Sunset
Photo credit: IG @welikebali
Beach Club in Canggu: The Lawn
Photo credit: IG @welikebali

The events at the Lawn are also unique and interesting. There are jazz sessions on Tuesdays, special Lawn events on Fridays as well as secret Sundays. They also conduct beach cleanups which have a positive influence on the environment.


COMO Beach Club

If there is a modern interpretation of a traditional shack, it is the COMO Beach Club. It is laid-back yet refined and sophisticated that gladly embraces all types of travelers.

The club is open all day and serves an eclectic mix of international cuisine. It prides itself for sourcing all natural and organic ingredients, all cooked on a wood-fire grill. The cocktails and mocktails served in this club are authentic and original recipes.

Sunset at COMO Beach Club Canggu
Photo credit: IG @amorfatitwenty1
Beach Club in Canggu: COMO Beach Club Canggu
Photo credit: IG @jdln.ang

Entertainment is kept steady with DJ sets and acoustic musicians. The club also provides entertainment for the kids separately. There is something that quite differentiates this club from the rest of the club in Canggu.


Vue Beach Club

Vue Beach Club is the perfect blend of entertainment, beach life, and romance. It is a great destination for weddings, private parties, and intimate vacations.   

It has excellent structural designs for the ultimate experience. Guests are treated to endless entertainment with international DJs and surfers from all across the globe. They also have unlimited access to the Berawa Beach. They can relax and indulge in sunbathing all day long.

Photo credit: IG @pangeadreams
Beach Club in Canggu: Vue Beach Club Canggu
Photo credit: IG @sergeykbn

An outdoor kitchen is where the food is prepared. It caters to the choicest of palates. Exotic cocktails are also a feature of this club. It is also known for the night events that are full of fun and celebration.

Best Beach Club in Uluwatu


El Kabron Cliff Club

El Kabron is among the best day clubs in Uluwatu. The clifftop bar, as well as the balconies, offer some of the most spectacular sunsets that can be viewed from anywhere. It is also among the top locations to grab a drink or a snack. The restaurant offers Mediterranean cuisine and is open daily.

Swimming Pool at El Kabron Cliff Club Uluwatu
Photo credit: IG @life.with.three
Beach Club in Uluwatu: El Kabron Cliff Club
Photo credit: IG @kevinsauzeat

Strategically located on the cliff, it is a bustling club during the day. But night comes and transforms it into a welcoming bar and a place to indulge in the food.  The club has live music as well as a DJ. It has come a long way from its humble cliff bar beginnings.


Sunday Beach Club

This secluded Sunday Beach Club offers a once in a lifetime experience. The VIP package includes a private shower and bathroom to a personal butler.

There is so much to indulge while on this club. There is snorkeling, paddle boarding, and kayaking for the adventurer. The crystal clear lagoon is enough to tempt even the laziest person to take a dip. At night, relax with friends and family by the bonfires. Toast marshmallows and reminisce.

Beach Club in Uluwatu: Sundays Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @gooseberry.seaside
Lots of activities at Sundays BEach Club Uluwatu
Photo credit: IG @simonsnopek

The food here is freshly prepared for the most authentic taste. Whether it is relaxing or eating to our heart’s content, romantic walks on the beach, this club is the real deal.


Karma Beach Bali

Karma Beach Club is set in the most amazing cove in Bali. This beautiful beach club is truly a spectacular sight that will take your breath away. If you ever set foot in Bali, do not go back without checking out this place.

There are lots of fun packed activities like stand up paddle, yoga, beachfront massage, sea kayaking, and treatments in the Karma spa. The club also has tons of activities for children of different age groups. The menu list contains American and Asia cuisine.

Beach Club in Uluwatu: Karma Beach Club
Photo credit:
Beach Club in Uluwatu: Karma Beach Club
Photo credit:

The Monday movie night is yet another feature which you need to experience. All sorts of snacks are included in the movie ticket. You can relax on the bean bags and enjoy the movie in the open air. The kid-friendly movie is shown first, and grown-ups suitable movies start at 9.00.


Ulu Cliff House

Beach Club in Uluwatu: Ulu Cliff House
Photo credit: IG @agypseaspassport

On the cliffs of Uluwatu is the jaw-dropping, breathtakingly beautiful Ulu Cliff House. A redefinition of the beach club in Bali, the club boasts a 25-meter infinity pool, a resort, and ocean deck on the cliff side. The club has lots of special and regular events.

The party never stops at the Ulu cliff house. Different events take place every day. The Saturdays Love on the Rocks is a weekly event. The party lasts from day to night where international and local talents are featured. The beverages are available in varied options, world-class drinks, or locally made drinks, and there is always something for anyone and everyone.

Beach Club in Uluwatu: Ulu Cliff House
Photo credit: IG @___topan

The restaurant is headed by a world-renowned chef Deigo Munoz who has traveled around the world, so you can expect amazing dishes that will blow your mind.


Roosterfish Beach Club

Roosterfish Beach Club is located on the famous Pandawa Beach of Bali. As the name implies, the Roosterfish Beach Club showcases the fusion of land and sea elements with its location, the ambiance, and the freshness of its ingredients. The club is a great spot to chill out in the sun with friends and family.

The Roosterfish Club provides alfresco, casual dining, kid-friendly environment, great views, drinks, and parties. This is the place for you if you want to booze by the beach; the club offers the island’s coldest beers on huge buckets, the signature oversize drinks, and chilled cocktails. Roosterfish also has a volleyball court for the families.

Beach Club in Pandawa: Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @mirusegye
Beach Club in Pandawa: Roosterfish Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @sergeykbn

Private parties, weddings, and gatherings are also hosted. The menu includes various international cuisines, seafood, and wood-fired pizzas. A special event will take place on 22nd June 2019 where you will see on stage Rudimental DJ with other internationally renowned artists.

Best Beach Club in Jimbaran


Ibiza in Bali

At the far end of the airport on Jimbaran beach is where you will find this spectacular Ibiza in Bali beach club and restaurant.

Owned by a group of Spanish buddies, this place has a little bit of both Bali and Ibiza as the name suggests.

Beach Club in Jimbaran: Ibiza in Bali
Photo credit: IG @ibizainbali
Beach Club in Jimbaran: Ibiza in Bali
Photo credit: IG @whatsthehelen

A unique and refreshing destination in Bali, this is one place which is guaranteed to enthrall you. The white and turquoise water creates a stunning view and a great swimming spot. 

The restaurant is absolutely fantastic. The white chairs and cushioned sofas surround the tables that are scattered across the interior. You can enjoy the party at the rooftop bar where you can see the entire Jimbaran bay

Apart from all the amazing things they offer, the one that stands out from the rest is ‘the food.’ They have an extremely talented chef from Spain, who makes people get a taste of Ibiza through food.

Best Beach Club in Sanur


Artotel Beach Club

Also known as ABC, this is not just a club; it is home to both young and old guests from faraway lands. The Artotel Beach Club is a perfect place to be if you’re traveling on a low budget. Quality food and drinks are available for a great price. 

With a breathtakingly beautiful coastal view and at least 7 square kilometers of the oasis, you can have the ultimate beach club experience at the ABC. It features a lagoon pool, restaurant and lounge, multi-purpose lawns, bars, and playground.

Beach Club in Sanur: Artotel Beach Club
Photo credit: @kadekarini
Beach Club in Sanur: Artotel Beach Club
Photo credit: @tee_smyth

Events like birthday party, wedding party, music launching and even mega corporate events which can hold up to a thousand people are hosted here. Make your birthday, anniversary, or a wedding proposal extra special by letting them know, the ABC will be honored to help you out, and they take extra care of these special events.

Best Beach Club in Legian


S.K.A.I. Beach Club

At Padma Resort in Legian, S.K.A.I Beach Club is the main beachfront venue of this resort. Sit back with a loved one as you watch the famous talked about sunsets in Bali.

The semi-alfresco lounges are an ideal place for the couples, while the full alfresco areas are a great spot to get together with friends. Because of its beachfront location, the view is amazingly great at any time of the day.

SKAI Beach Club in Legian
Photo by LiburanBali
Sunset at SKAI Beach Club Legian Bali
Photo by LiburanBali

However, nothing beats the view of the sun going down, so the best time to be at this place is at sunset. The DJs do their gigs for five days a week, and the cocktails served here are an absolute delight.

Also, signature sangria is available in three selections. You can visit this place as a public guest, but it is most convenient if you are a guest at the Padma Resort.


Azul Beach Club

Azul Beach Club is a unique beachfront tree house built with bamboos. It has an open-air restaurant, outdoor infinity pools, private dining terraces overlooking the stunning turquoise-colored beach and the beautiful sunset. You can also have a wonderful experience of a lifetime at the first tiki- bar in Bali.

Azul is a Spanish word which means ‘blue.’ Chic bar finished with blue color matches with the sky and the ocean with perfection. The bamboo structure is an absolute beauty, each section offers a picturesque view of the Indian Ocean, and so you will never miss a scenic view.

Beach Club in Legian: Azul Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @windyiwandi
Beach Club in Legian: Azul Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @ gypsylovinlight

Their DJs and live bands bring life to parties every Sundays, so do not miss this one out. Azul focuses on a ‘farm to fork’ approach, so, the food is delicious and rich with quality and freshness. The ‘blue drink on the Beach’ is one of the best world – class signature cocktails offered in Azul.

Best Beach Club in Gianyar


Komune Beach Club

Best Beach Club in Gianyar (Keramas): Komune Beach Club
Photo credit: Komune Beach Club

This is a surfer’s hot spot. The world’s first permanent installation for night surfing is right in front of the Komune Resort Beach Club. Surfers can enjoy the waves every night from 7 pm till midnight, or 4 to 6 in the morning. To ensure crowd-free surfing, only six surfers are allowed to share the waves at a time.

The main restaurant and bar are structured like a giant mushroom. Circular aquamarine infinity pools and green lawn surrounding the pools creates a beautiful view. You can enjoy a good read, enjoy the music or surf the internet using a free Wi-Fi, and if that doesn’t please you, you can avail a first-class soothing massage on the daybed under the parasol.

Photo credit: Left: IG @stephclairesmith, Right: IG @gladys_angelina

The ‘outdoor cinema’ is yet the best and most interesting feature of this club. The Komune Beach Club allows you to enjoy excellent foods and watch the latest surfing and other sports on big screens. And that is not all, most recent release movies are also screened for the movie fans.


Flamingo Beach Club

Flamingo Beach Club is a kid-centered Beach Club perfect for a family hangout. Occupying only 1500 meters, this site has a pool for both adults and children.

Designed and managed by Bali Zoo, the pink and turquoise dominate its color scheme, which creates a beautiful visual effect. The club also provides a wonderful view of the ocean.

Photo credit: IG @tanialitadevi
Enjoying food in Flamingo Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @tanialitadevi

The Flamingo Beach Club is Bali’s first family friendly club. Top picks on the menu include the flamingo pizza. The club assures that no birds are injured or killed in the making of the pizza and chocolate kraken. The bar offers adult beverages and mocktails for the children.

The children are not left out as the theme is focused on ‘learning with fun.’ Exotic species like butterflies, pink flamingoes, and other insects are utilized to help children learn about nature. Each weekend is full of activities like kite making, painting, and butterfly release.

Best Beach Club in Nusa Ceningan & Lembongan



The Ohana’s beach lounge in Lembongan is a very cool spot for having fun, skinny-dipping, sunsets, cocktails, and dining.

The shipwreck surf breaks out the front of Ohana’s makes this place extra special. The venue offers an overlook of the beach and clear ocean, making it a perfect place for watching incredible sunsets.

Ohana’s Beach Lounge provides day beds and bean bags, dining, and sun lounges. Soak up the sun, have a dip in the refreshing crystal clear beach, or dive into the pool if you really want to cool off. Ohana’s is truly a great place to be, especially during the day.

Best Beach Club in Nusa Lembongan: Ohana's
Photo credit: IG @artitecture
Best Beach Club in Nusa Lembongan: Ohana's
Photo credit: IG @serenastravel

The food at Ohana’s is undoubtedly one of the best, prepared by a world-renowned chef from Australia. Ohana’s takes pride in serving delicious, healthy, and clean food and drinks. Don’t forget to book the dining and day beds if you’re planning on a visit.


Sandy Bay Lembongan

Sunset at Sandy Bay Beach Club Nusa Lembongan
Photo credit: IG @thepounds

Sandy Bay Beach Club in Lembongan is a perfect place to get away from the busy and noisy city life. The club is located on a beautiful bay where you will get to witness the Devil’s Tear, which is probably the best sunset spot in the whole of Bali. The sandy beach is an iconic venue for weddings and events in Bali.

At the Sandy Bay, you will be offered with a wide range of lounging options, the oversize sun beds, deep cushioned sofas, comfortable daybeds, and beanbags on the beach. The dishes and cocktail are all in a tropical island setting. Ingredients are hand-picked from the organic produce to create stunning dishes which will tingle your taste buds.

Best Beach Club in Nusa Lembongan: Sandy Bay Lembongan
Photo credit: IG @tanstagram01

The Sandy Bay Beach Club also has a wide selection of international wine and varieties of cocktails which are selected personally by the owners. The coconut Paleta espresso Martini is worth trying.


Le Pirate Nusa Ceningan

Best Beach Club in Nusa Ceningan: Le Pirate Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @raulcaramizaru

In Nusa Ceningan, Le Pirate Beach Club is on the beach front which provides unique accommodation with a restaurant and thatched roofs.

Here you get to see the beautiful view of the sea from the rooms and pool. The designs are totally different and funky. Each room provides a private terrace equipped with a seating area and a hammock.

Best Beach Club in Nusa Ceningan: Le Pirate Beach Club
Photo credit: IG @sancerre_bali

At the Le Pirate, you can always keep your loved ones updated with the free Wi-Fi, which can be hard to find in Nusa Ceningan.

You can indulge in various activities like table tennis, cycling, outdoor pool, canoeing, snorkeling, and other water sports. And if you are on an adventure mode, you can rent a motorcycle and explore the beautiful island.

Some places of interest that are accessible from Le Pirate include Devil’s tear, yellow bridge, blue corners, and blue lagoon.

Ready to visit one of these Beach Club? Which one is your favourite?

The clubs in Bali are renowned all over the planet for their unrivaled beach and club experience. With enchanting beaches, sparkling infinity pools, and spa treatments, it is the place to indulge in your whims and desires. The food and cocktails are among the best, and the freshest one can possibly ask for.

The wide varieties of clubs are available to suit the budget traveler. But the VIPs and those looking for the ultimate luxury can expect to be satisfied and more. Whether you are looking for a party, relaxation, intimate experience, or simply to enjoy the beach, there is every activity to cater to everyone.