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Kelingking Beach: The Best View and Sunset in Nusa Penida

Kelingking Beach

Nusa Penida

Want to know the best of the best spot in Nusa Penida?

It’s Kelingking Beach!

It’s probably the reason you are interested about Nusa Penida and start Googling it, right?

Kelingking means pinkie finger in Indonesian. The local probably named it Kelingking as the tip end of the cliff taper narrowly like the pinkie finger.

Sunset at Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Photo credit: IG @filippo_cesarini

It’s get interesting:

The shape of the area also represent a Tyrannosaurus from above. Which is very unique and beautiful at the same time.

Here’s the kicker though:

When you are visiting Kelingking Beach, you have to be very cautious as the path is sometimes to narrow and if you aren’t careful, you could fall down over 200 meters below.

For that reason, I will be writing everything you need to know about Kelingking Beach before you decide to visit the place.

The Danger of Kelingking Cliff

Despite rising popularity, the infrastructure for roads and access safety have not been improved. The only safety feature at the top of Kelingking Cliff and its stairs access to the beach are wobbly bamboo fences.

Here’s the sad part:

Last February, a Russian tourist fell to her death while sightseeing around Kelingking. She was trying to pass through a narrow stretch of the cliff, before she slipped and fell from a height of 200 meters down the cliff.

Please be extra careful when you are trying to explore Kelingking Cliff. If you ever wanted to get the ‘perfect’ shot for your photo, always prioritize for your safety first.

3 Must Things to do in Kelingking Beach:

1. Take beautiful shots from the top of the Cliff

Instagram doesn’t do justice for the view in Kelingking.

You could take thousands of shot around the area and it will probably be Instagram worthy to post.

The most typical background for the shot is the T-Rex head part of Kelingking. 

A drone shot in Kelingking probably will get you the most engagement in Social Media

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Photo credit: IG @roaalonso (left), IG @gypsea_lust(right)

2. Climb Down to the Beach and Enjoy a private Beach

The climb down to the beach is very steep and dangerous. If you are not physically fit, I really don’t recommend you to try to climb down.

As mentioned earlier, the safety bamboo railing is not safe at all. If you decide to go to the beach then wear a hiking shoes and make sure you try to shake the bamboo railing before you lean on it for support.

All your effort and energy will be repaid once you arrive on the Beach. It is one of the most beautiful beach in Bali and it’s almost feel like a private beach (as not many people will try to climb down).

The current of the sea is really strong in Kelingking Beach. If you are not a strong swimmer, then don’t even try swimming.

Climbing up the stairs is almost twice as hard and exhausting than going down. Make sure you pack enough water and snack to keep up your stamina.

3. Watch the Spectacular Sunset

Wan’t to know the best part?

If you are staying the night at Nusa Penida, then Kelingking should be your hangout place for watching the gorgeous sunset.

There is a spot to the right of the Cliff which has a few viewpoints of spectacular sunset over the Kelingking Cliff and Beach.

Not much hiking is needed to go to these viewpoints. So if, you are looking for an easier alternative to enjoy the view of Kelingking, then you should head here.

Sunset at Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Photo credit: IG @selcouth_vagary

How to get to Kelingking Beach?

Kelingking is at the west part of Nusa Penida.

You will need to get a fast boat from Sanur (Pantai Matahari Terbit) to Nusa Penida. It will usually cost you Rp. 300.000 for a return trip.

Once you arrive at Nusa Penida, you could decide to either book a car or scooter. If you are not an experienced rider, than I strongly don’t recommend you to ride a scooter in Nusa Penida. The roads are too small and damaged, you could get into accident really fast.

Even though Google Map will tell you that it only took 45 minutes, It’s usually took you about two hours to reach Kelingking Beach from the harbour. It’s due to the bad condition of the road. You could get land sickness if the car drive too fast.

The entry ticket to Kelingking Beach is IDR 5.000 per person (less than $1) but you will need to pay for parking as well.

For a more comfortable trip to Nusa Penida, you could always use Liburan Bali’s top notched Nusa Penida Trip service.

Price starts from $45 and it already include hotel transfers, speed boat, transport at Nusa Penida and even lunch.

5 Tips to know before going to Kelingking:

1. Safety First at Kelingking Cliff


Even though you are trying to get the best shot of Kelingking for your Instagram (which almost every one visiting Kelingking does), your safety should come first.

Don’t try to go over the edges if you are not comfortable with it. You could not really rely on the bamboo fences as it’s not properly built.

2. Prepare enough Water and Energy Bar

Going down the steep stairs to the beach is the easy part of Kelingking Beach.

Climbing back up will drain the stamina of even the most experience and physically fit individual. So, prepare enough water and energy bar to keep up you stamina.

There are vendors selling water bottle at the beach for IDR 50.000, which is way overpriced for a water bottle in Bali. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money, then bring one with you.

3. Wear Hiking Boots

Don’t wear slippers if you are trying to climb down to Kelingking Beach.

Wear a hiking boot, or if you don’t have one, it’s better to go barefooted then wearing a slipper.

The last thing you want is to slipped down the stairs.

Stairs in Kelingking Cliff Beach Nusa Penida
The stairs to Kelingking Beach is really steep with limited safety bamboo railing. Photo credit:

4. Download Offline Google Map

The mobile signal in Nusa Penida is the worst. Most of the time you will be cut out of any reception, that’s mean no internet and Google Map.

Download the Offline Google Map for Nusa Penida so you don’t get lost easily if you are exploring Nusa Penida by yourself.

5. Be Careful when you are riding a bike around Nusa Penida

Road infrastructure in Nusa Penida in general is still a concern and need to be upgraded imidiately.

The roads are too small and damaged. You should always be careful when riding a scooter.

Riding a scooter at night is not a great option as you could get into accident as the insufficient road lighting make riding even harder.

Roads towards Angel's Billabong in Nusa Penida
Photo credit: Oktia N (tripadvisor)

What do you think about Kelingking Beach?

Would you be interested to visit Kelingking Beach on your next visit to Bali? Or have you been to Kelingking Beach before? Share your thoughts below!


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