Best Resort & Villa in Ubud for Every Budget

Last Updated: 4 March 2020

by: Amina Poole

Bali, the small Indonesian island province is known as the “Land Of Gods” itself, and for good reason. With the kind of beauty that you actually have to see to believe in, Bali opens its arms to thousands of tourists flocking to its sacred lands each year.

The culture of this land finds its true expression in the picturesque locations of the Ubud Valley – the real gem of Bali. And the beauty of it is brilliantly reflected by the sparkling Ayung River!

However, with the great beauty of these enchanting places comes a significant lack of accommodations.

Unfortunately, most resorts and Villa in Ubud are booked up as early as 6 months before the arrival of guests owing to the great attraction of this island. This seldom leaves much room for last minute plans.

And this is where I’ve decided to save the day for you!

Hi, I’m Amina, and I’m a fashion designer. My profession takes me to some of the most exotic locations on this planet, amongst which Bali is my one true favorite!

And right now I’m gonna tell you about some of the best villas and resorts in Ubud that you could book right away for your exotic getaway to Bali!

Best of the Best Villa In Ubud


Best Overall with Services Better than 5 Stars Resort

Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: Samsara Ubud - Private Pool Villa overlooking the rainforest
Photo credit: @leaguetravels

If you want to have a break from the hustle and bustle, then this new, unique and intimate luxurious resort is the perfect choice for your honeymoon.

Set on the edge of Ubud cliff and surrounded by rice terraces, you will find absolute bliss relaxing on any of Samsara‘s villa that faces the river and rainforest.

I spent a short two days staycation with my hubby earlier this year and felt that Samsara has exceeded our expectations by delivering the best hospitality services, even exceeding some of the five stars resorts that we had stayed in the past.

Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: Samsara Ubud - Private Pool Villa overlooking the rainforest
Photo credit: @samsaraubud
Photo credit: @samsaraubud

Apart from the modern interior, my favourite feature of the villa is their heated pool. It was raining almost nonstop and the weather was quite chilly during our stay. But we managed to enjoy the pool regardless.

Also, the pool water feels light and doesn’t smell of chlorine at all. When I asked our personal butler, he said that the water originated from a local spring underground.

When you got a chance to stay at Samsara, you should not miss their Moonlight cinema and Sunset Yoga. At least for me and my husband, these two experiences have helped us see our relationship in a whole new light again. Instead of feeling like I need something more from him, I am able to appreciate him and our time together.


Most Unique and 'Back to Nature' Villa in Ubud

Best Villa in Ubud: Bambu Indah Resort
Photo credit: @candela.mont

When we talk about the very best, we definitely expect nothing short of the absolute dreamy stuff we can hardly ever imagine. And that is exactly what I’m going to start off this list with- the Bambu Indah in Ubud!

I got the opportunity of visiting this truly mesmerizing place on an assignment for one of my clients who was looking to start her fashion designing business at the place.

The resort is constructed to perfection using bamboo as the raw material and formula for creating a sustainable haven that reflects spectacular craftsmanship in every inch of its structure.

Photo credit: @sutarahady
Best Villa in Ubud: Bambu Indah Resort, the Moon House
Photo credit: @celiasmith

The resort itself seems to be floating on a lily pond lapped up in the overwhelming luxury and serenity of nature itself. But the main attraction of this place is the unique Villas that the resort offers for its guests. Each of these has an equally beautifully name that match the decor of the villas.

These include the Moon House with its lunar-shaped structures or the Riverbend that reflects the calm fluidity of water in its design. The Padi or “Rice Field” House blends the scenic lush fields and running water as the location for an equally beautiful villa.


Best Value for Money for Budget Villa in Ubud

Best Budget Villa in Ubud: New Earth Haven Akasha
Photo credit: @_nayeyo

The Akasha of the NewEarth Haven, to put it as best I can, is something that reflects the highest levels of human creativity in every stone and brick gone into making it.

It offers up all the luxury that you can expect of a place that brings you to a point where you can revel in the unique balance of human-made creativity and the unmatched beauty of nature, that enriches the spirit to no end.

This resort is one of the most luxurious villas in Ubud that possess awe-inspiring, dynamic structures. These stand to be some of the finest examples of the bio-resonance and bio-architecture that the Bali NewEarth Haven, launched in 2016, seeks to create globally.

Best Budget Villa in Ubud: New EarthHaven
Photo credit: @ireneyap
The Akasha Restaurant at New Earth Haven Ubud
Photo credit: @peggy_mok

Apart from offering the most marvelous and well-equipped accommodations and services, Akasha also offers magnificent arrangements for all kinds of seminars, workshops, conventions, and conferences.

And the best part of it all? Akasha also has one of the most instagrammable cafe in Bali. You should pay it a visit regardless you are staying at New Earth Haven Akasha or not.

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Most Romantic Villa in Ubud with Jungle View

Best Villa Resort in Ubud: Como Shambhala Estate
Photo credit: @comohotels

Situated in the middle of the enchanting rainforest that surrounds Ubud on all sides, the Como Shambhala Estate opens up a place on this Earth that is ethereally beautiful and disarmingly serene.

More than being just a luxury resort in Ubud, Como Shambhala is a sterling health retreat that caters to the overall well-being of all its guests. It brings the magic of a place that combines the beauty of the steep slopes and the immense tranquility of the blessed Ayung River flowing by it.

Photo credit: @dervlalouli
Best Villa Resort in Ubud: Como Shambhala Estate (Swimming Pool Private)
Photo credit: @chachanatcha_

This five mega-suite resort has all of its residences themes after the vital elements of nature to heighten the sense of wonder and peace.

Each of these villas comes with an infinity swimming pool and their own butler services.

Como Shambhala Ubud also offers a complete team of top-notch professional nutritionists, life coaches and yoga instructors along with holistic spa facilities that help you to de-stress in the springs!


Most Artistic Kids Friendly Villa in Ubud

Photo credit: Airbnb.com

The Chili Hilly Residence is a more contemporary touch amidst the traditional Balinese scenario and atmosphere. Designed by the Word Of Mouth House or WoM, this is a two-bedroom residence that is located at a breathtaking plot of land, overlooking the Ayung River valley.

This is one of the destinations I’ve had the scope of going away to on a solo trip!

Apart from the spacious en-suite bedrooms, the house comprises of open living and dining area, a mezzanine study and lounge that is built on top of the kitchen space and a stunning garden courtyard!

Kids Friendly Villa in Ubud: Chilli Hilly Residence (Living Room)
Photo credit: Airbnb.com

The structure is primarily created with red brick, polished concrete, pebble wash and recycled teak. These have been used in combination with iron beams and pillars for the structure throughout the house.

This weekend-residence is surrounded by marvelous coconut trees, sweetly fragrant frangipanis, and king ferns. The interior decoration is simply wonderful that fuses the Balinese spirit with a funky modern air.

Best Budget Villa in Ubud

Wirguna-Bamboo: Budget Villa in Ubud
Photo credit: Wirguna Bamboo

The Wirguna Bamboo is unquestionably one of the very best accommodations when it comes to budget villas in Ubud. With a sparkling outdoor pool and marvelously equipped private baths and showers for every villa, the Wirguna is simply too good to miss out on!

This is one resort that opens up the wonders of the Ubud Valley, providing top-notch services and amenities for each of its valuable guests.

Photo credit: Wirguna Bamboo

The resort also provides some of the best health care and recreational facilities for its guests that ensure a brilliant healing experience for the mind and body.

Famous locations and food joints that you can enjoy during your stay at the resort include – The Blanco Renaissance Museum, the Museum Puri Lukisan, and the Bridges Restaurant.

Best Budget Villa in Ubud: Firefly Eco Lodge
Photo credit: @karina_razumnaya

The Firefly Eco Lodge is truly one of the most stunning Budget Resorts you could ever stay at and that too at such an amazingly economical price tag. The lodge is located just a short hike up through the rice fields, towards central Ubud. The rich and lush yet isolated fields all around it evoke a sense of yearning and wonder for all trekkers to the location.

More than anything else, the Firefly Eco Lodge is an experience than being just a mere accommodation.

It offers you a number of exceptionally nature-themed rooms, well-equipped with brilliant staff who take full responsibility of providing you with a memorable experience.

Best Budget Villa in Ubud: Firefly Eco Lodge
Photo credit: @ianellis5
Photo credit: @marrymeintravel

The staff ensures that your stay is beautiful and safe, helping you out with your treks back to the accommodation, especially after dark.

With spectacular accommodation spaces such as the Birds Nest, the Eco Cottage or the open-air Tree House, this is one experience that you just can’t afford to miss out on!

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Cheap Private Pool Villa in Ubud: The Apartments Ubud
Photo credit: The Apartments Ubud

The Apartments Ubud is located around 2 km from The Blanco Renaissance Museum. This is one of the best options for availing villas with a private pool in a budget. The resort offers air-conditioned accommodation with an adjacent garden and patio, a swimming pool and free Wifi!

You could avail the benefits of both bicycle and rental services for going around and enjoying the nearby locations. The Ubud Market is located around 3 km away from the Apartments while the nearest airport is the Ngurah Rai International which is going to be a good 39 km ride from the accommodations. The resort also offers a paid airport shuttle service.

Cheap Private Pool Villa in Ubud: The-Apartments-Ubud
Photo credit: @whatsthehelen

The Saraswati Temple that’s only a 2.8 km away from the resort is a beautiful location in itself, serene in the sacred aura of the temple. The rooms of the accommodation have their own sitting area, a well-equipped kitchen with a dining space, a private bathroom, and a flat-screen TV.

Best Honeymoon Villa In Ubud

Most Exotic Villa in Ubud for Honeymoon: Royal Pita Maha
Photo credit: The Royal Pita Maha

The regal accommodations at the Royal Pita Maha are as elaborate as you think “regal” could get. With private infinity pools and extraordinary views of the Ayung River, this resort is simply one to die for!

Inside the villa, the enormous floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors not only open up a wonderful visage of the private infinity pool, but they actually provide you with a 180 degree view of the bewitching beautiful tropical valley below!

Most Exotic Villa in Ubud for Honeymoon: Royal Pita Maha
Most Exotic Villa in Ubud for Honeymoon: Royal Pita Maha
Photo credit: @rickyrky

And if you’re looking for a wonderful gastronomical experience then simply pick amongst the Ayung Valley Restaurant, Dewata Lounge or the Terrace Bali Restaurant. Or you could simply walk into the beautiful Ayung Organic Restaurant located just by the river!

The resort offers are painting, wood-carving and stone-carving classes which aren’t generally offered at other resorts.

Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: Amora Ubud Boutique Villas
Photo credit: Amora Ubud Boutique Villas

So now, I’m gonna refer to some of the best honeymoon villas in Ubud that I’ve had the opportunity to stay at with my beloved husband. These were parts of several packages that I was lucky to have, thanks to my company and profession.

And there isn’t a better way to start it off without telling you about the Amora Ubud Boutique Hills. This is located on a hilltop at the very edge of the Campuhan River Valley. The structure is shaped like a temple located on the Bukit Cinta, that’s popularly known as the “Love Hills”.

Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: Amora Ubud Boutique Villas
Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: Amora Ubud Boutique Villas
Photo credit: @aroundthe7

Along with an outdoor infinity pool and sun terrace, the resort offers the luxuries of an in-house spa and meditation/yoga center for a terrific experience.

All of the 15 private villas that the resort offers are designed in the traditional Balinese way and offer all of the modern amenities and services that you could ever ask for!

Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: The Udaya Resort
Photo credit: @adrianahughes
Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: The Udaya Resort
Photo credit: @wanderlustruby

So The Udaya Resorts & Spa is just too beautiful to put into descriptive words. Located amidst the utmost splendor of nature, this breathtaking resort is known for the kind of stellar services and amenities it provides for all its guests.

The entire resort is essentially designed in the traditional Balinese way that is reflected in the brilliant architecture and aesthetics of the place.

Best Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: The Udaya Resort (Candle Light Dinner)
Photo credit: @creativeroamers

Every villa of this resort offers the finest services and care provided by its expert staff, ensuring the highest degree of comfort and luxury for you. You could choose from the regular suites or go for pool suites and garden suites or settle for pool villas.

The Deeva Organic Restaurant does a wonderful job in serving you some of the most delicious Balinese and Indonesian dishes prepared using fresh local ingredients!

Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: The Sankara Resort
Photo credit: @mariannadarlene

The traditional village of Mas in Ubud opens up the heavenly portals to The Sankara that evokes an ethereal feeling of beauty and love. The Romantic Resort is located at a distance of a 90-minute drive from the airport. You can avail the paid airport transfers and car rental services from the resort itself that could be arranged on-site.

The Sankara Suites is situated amidst exotic Balinese plantations of frangipanis, coconut trees, mangosteen and red palms amongst other rare collections of trees that accentuate the beauty of the place to no end.

Honeymoon Villa in Ubud: The Sankara Resort
Photo credit: @daiananealcos
Photo credit: @mariannadarlene

But the most incredible aspect of the resort is the 8000 sqm infinity pool that rises from the lobby.

The resort in itself provides 30 traditional Balinese-style rooms that come with all the facilities such as en-suite bathtubs, sundecks, and other services for a luxuriant stay at the place.

Honeymoon Resort in Ubud: Chedi Club Tanah Gajah
Photo credit: The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah

Located in the panoramic village of Tengkuluk, the Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah is a whole different world of serenity and scenic natural beauty. This Ubud Resort offers unconventionally designed one-bedroom suites along with stunning pool villas.

You’ll find a special 550 sqm two-bedroom estate that showcases a magnificent collection of notable paintings that belongs to the renowned art collector and owner of the resort, Hendra Hadiprana.

Photo credit: @mahakemala
Photo credit: @jess_dantas

There is a 10-meter long outdoor swimming pool that rests surrounded by lush tropical gardens. This luxurious resort even takes it up a notch by providing amenities such as 32-inch flat screen TVs and Bose home theater entertainment systems for the guests to enjoy.

If you would like to propose to your lover, you may want to splurge some budget for a fine dining and the hot air balloon experience available at The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah.

Honeymoon Resort in Ubud: Padma Resort Ubud
Photo credit: @jktshootandgram

The Padma Resort Ubud in Payangan is situated at a distance of just 13 km from central Ubud, surrounded by lush and scenic natural scapes. It is located in a pristine river valley, overlooking the stunning bamboo forests of Payangans.

Padma is a huge resort consisting of 149 rooms, featuring luxurious accommodation facilities and expert 24-hours services!

The resort also opens up a magnificent dining area and an 89 m infinity pool for all of its guests to enjoy with an enchanting view of the surroundings that simply captivates the heart and soul.

Photo credit: @juliefreiseisen
Honeymoon Resort in Ubud: Padma Resort Ubud (Spa)
Photo credit: @andrebinarto

Considered as one of the best resorts in Ubud, The Padma also offers separate areas for children to enjoy such as the kids’ club and playgrounds.

Apart from these, the resort also provides all the facilities for meetings, conferences, and banquets as well.

The resort itself is located at a distance of 42 km from the nearest airport, 37 km from Seminyak and 47 km away from Nusa Dua.

Best Family Villas In Ubud


3 Bedrooms Villa in Ubud

Best Family Villa in Ubud: Haigha House
Photo credit: Haigha House

Now many amongst us would realize the name “Haigha” pronounced as “He-ya” to have been taken from Lewis Carroll’s renowned work “Through The Looking Glass.” It belonged to the popular and playfully mischievous character known as the March Hare.

And the significance of this plush 3-bedroom villa being named after it is actually to symbolize a place where people could connect with their carefree, playful selves!

Best Family Villa in Ubud: Haigha House
Photo credit: Haigha House

Located in the idyllic village of Banjar Tunon that’s closed off on all sides by lush paddy fields and palm trees, this glamorous Ubud villa offers you the utmost luxury of three mega bedrooms. These come with King-size beds looking out on the enchanting natural beauty of the location.

The private balcony gives you a view of the volcanoes while the private decks by the bedrooms open up the dense jungle scene for you. The interiors have all been done in the traditional Ubud style. This is a perfect accommodation for a family getaway!

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3 Bedrooms Villa in Ubud

Photo credit: Villa Adyashanti

Villa Adyashanti is literally a haven of peace, tranquility and shockingly beautiful natural scapes, situated amidst the rice fields of Ubud. The location offers an abundance of breathtaking natural elements such as dense forests, waterfalls and emerald green rice field terraces that’s gonna make you want to stay there forever!

The entire villa is designed in a way that pays homage to the vital Balinese art and culture. It is strikingly beautiful in whichever way you look at it. This 3 bedrooms open-air villa comes with 3 mega bathrooms and a smaller bath area.

Best Family Villa in Ubud: Villa Adyashanti
Photo credit: Villa Adyashanti

The house offers the benefit of beautiful large indoor and outdoor living areas for your family with a private garden. But, the main aspect of this entire residence is the kind of captivating views it opens up for our eyes such as those of the jungle that’s seen from the wet edge pool.


4 Bedrooms Villa in Ubud

Photo credit: Anila Boutique Villa

The Anila Boutique Villa in Ubud is a brilliantly designed 4 bedroom private boutique villa that comes with a proper kitchen and a grotto bath. The house has its master bedroom upstairs that’s equipped with a custom-built king size bed, a private dressing room, and a bathroom that overlooks a beautiful row of palm trees.

The smaller guest bedroom downstairs offers enough space for other members of the family. This room also comes with a large bathroom with rain shower and a stone tub that’s surrounded by an indoor fish pond and fountains. There are also two additional bedrooms that give you all the benefits of a cozy apartment.

The roomy living room has oversized integrated lounges and dining area that can accommodate up to 8 people.

The tropical garden courtyard offers many beautiful water features for you to enjoy or you could just take a dip in its pool for that matter!

Ready to book your perfect Villa in Ubud?

So this was my extensive list of some of the most marvelous and bewitchingly beautiful resorts and villas that Ubud has to offer.

Hope you enjoyed it thoroughly and, most importantly, added these to your bucket list already!

Till next time!

Thanks for reading!